An Institution dedicated to providing excellent training in indian classical dances Bharata Natyam and Mohini Attam. With over 35 years of teaching both in India and USA

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Sunanda has been a part of
many very reputed national and international festivals,
and has won high acclaim from critics and connoisseurs of dance for her impressive dancing skills

CONCLUDED EVENTS : 2017 - 2016

•   Narthaki   Brochure

•   Ragasudha   Brochure

•   Shijith parvathy Nambiar   Brochure

•   SPARC productions Bharata Natyam   Brochure

•   The Clever Rabbit (story from the Panchatantra)   Brochure

•   Shiva Shakti   Brochure

•   Shilapadikaram   Brochure

•   Radha Madhavam   Brochure

•   Anubhava   Brochure

•   Sparc productions in Mohini Attam   Brochure

•   Maarga   Brochure

•   Nrityopahara   Brochure

•   Citrakavya   Brochure

•   Krishnarpanam   Brochure

•   Workshops in Bharata Nataym conducted by   Brochure

•   Padmabhushan C V Chandrasekhar   Brochure

•   Shri Vaibhav Arekar   Brochure

•   Shri Shijith Nambiar   Brochure

•   Shri Ramachandran Muralidharan   Brochure

•   Smt Vyjayanti Kashi (Kuchipudi)   Brochure

•   Smt Uma Dogra (Kathak)   Brochure

•   Kavalam Sreekumar (Vocal)   Brochure